Toyota Spain launches the 2024 range of the Toyota Yaris Electric Hybrid with a series of improvements and updates that will further strengthen the range, increasing the attractiveness of a model that has achieved exceptional success for the brand.

In addition to strengthening the power and performance of the hybrid electric system to give customers more options and expand the reach of advanced active safety and driver assistance systems, Toyota is giving the vehicle an entirely new digital dimension. The extensive package includes a driver-customizable instrument cluster display, a more powerful and intuitive multimedia system, more practical and stable connectivity and, for the first time, a hands-free digital key for vehicle access.

Manufactured in Europe for European customers, the new Toyota Yaris will reinforce the model’s well-established reputation for stylistic and technical innovation and excellence in the compact car space.

More power and more driving pleasure

One of the main novelties in the 2024 Yaris range is the introduction of a new electric hybrid engine in the Premiere Edition and the GR SPORT finishes, specifically the 130H engine.

This new engine has been achieved by updating the hybrid transaxle based on the 5th generation hybrid on the current Yaris engine – 4th generation hybrid –. The 5th generation hybrid transaxle has a larger and more powerful MG2 electric motor and, added to an update to the power control unit, allows an increase in power delivery of 12% over the current Toyota Yaris engine.

This translates into significantly faster acceleration, not only in the range from 0 to 100 km/h, but also, and more importantly, when overtaking at high speed. Thus, half a second has been cut from the acceleration time from 0 to 100 km/h (9.2 seconds), and the time from 80 to 120 km/h has also been reduced (7.5 seconds).

Likewise, work has been done to maintain leadership in terms of emissions, so the increase in emissions is only 4g CO2 vs the 120H version. This places both engines as leaders in the B segment in terms of CO2 emissions.

This engine will be available exclusively in the GR SPORT and GR SPORT Plus finishes, and additionally, the Premiere Edition launch finish.

More safety behind the wheel with Toyota Assist

Toyota has always been committed to offering the latest in safety, which is why, with the arrival of the 2024 Yaris, Toyota is introducing additional and improved safety features to further consolidate the Yaris’ leadership in safety. security is concerned.

Toyota Assist is the name that encompasses the advanced features that make the vehicle safer and easier to drive and park. In the new Yaris, these features are more effective than ever, with new and more powerful functions with the latest generation Toyota Safety Sense driver assistance systems.

Thanks to its new multimedia system and its data communications module –DCM, Data Communications Module–, Toyota offers the flexibility and functionality of wireless software updates. This means that Toyota Safety Sense and multimedia system functions can be easily updated without having to take the vehicle to the workshop. Downloads can be carried out while the vehicle is driving, and be ready for installation when it suits the driver better.

The use of a new camera and radar with increased range and scanning width results in a significantly increased range of accident risk detection. Now, for example, the Pre-Collision Safety System (PCS) can recognize the possibility of a frontal impact and a wider range of objects and vehicles in the vehicle’s path, including pedestrians, cyclists and now also motorcycles.

The Interchange Collision Prevention system – a safety feature first introduced by Toyota in the current generation Yaris – also has a greater operational range, and is capable of identifying vehicles approaching on two lanes, as well as cyclists. crossing and other vehicles arriving at a crossing from the sides.

The Acceleration Suppression Function is a new addition to the Toyota Safety Sense repertoire, which intervenes to brake sudden acceleration if it detects a risk of collision with a vehicle in front.

Proactive Driving Assist (PDA) is another new feature, designed to avoid common accident risks when driving at low speeds. Deceleration Assist allows for gentle deceleration when the driver releases the accelerator pedal to downshift when approaching a slower vehicle ahead, or when entering a curve. The second element is steering assist, which detects curves ahead in the road and adjusts steering force to help the driver turn smoothly and stably.

The new Emergency Driving Stop System (EDSS) can assist the driver if he or she becomes unwell or incapacitated when the Path Keeping System is activated. If the system detects that the driver has not performed any action – steering wheel, brakes, accelerator – for a certain period of time, it emits an audible warning. If there is no reaction from the driver, slowly stop the vehicle, activate the emergency lights and unlock the doors.

Toyota Assist also offers protection when the vehicle is stationary. With the optional Safe Exit Assist (SEA) system, a visual and audible warning is activated to help prevent the doors from being opened inadvertently when vehicles or cyclists approach from behind.

In addition to these additional functions, the new Yaris also incorporates improvements to the usual features of the Toyota Safety Sense system. The Adaptive Cruise Control –ACC, Adaptive Cruise Control– has been revised to make its response faster and more natural. Traffic Sign Recognition is now more powerful, and new systems have been added to Adaptive Cruise Control to make overtaking safer.

A new digital user experience

In the new 2024 Yaris range, the Toyota Smart Connect system becomes standard across the entire range, standardizing the 9” multimedia screen in the entry-level versions. The main improvements of this entry-level version of Toyota Smart Connect are the wireless connection to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and the larger screen size and resolution. Does not incorporate remote services or cloud updates (OTA) for maps and software. For the highest finishes, the 10.5” multimedia screen will be standardized.

Another of the most striking improvements is the introduction of the 12.3” digital dashboard. As in the Toyota Corolla range, this completely digital dashboard allows up to 12 different types of configurations. Its appearance is customizable depending on the mood and type of trip, with up to four options: Smart, Casual, Sporty and Tough.

Finally, another addition in terms of technology is the standardization of the digital key in the top-of-the-range finishes, which will allow the Smartphone to function as a physical key for the vehicle. You can open and close the vehicle remotely through a specific app or using the keyless entry system, since the vehicle detects the smartphone as the key that gives access to it.

Range and prices

The 2024 range of the new Yaris Electric Hybrid is made up of three equipment levels with the 120H engine – Business Plus, Active Plus and Style – and three more with the 130H engine – GR SPORT, GR SPORT Plus and Premiere Edition. Business Plus, a finish more focused on fleet customers, receives almost no modifications at the equipment level. Inside, it will be equipped with the 9” Toyota Smart Connect multimedia system (vs. Toyota Touch 8”) and incorporates two USB-C sockets.

The Active Plus finish is the ‘best seller’ of the Yaris Electric Hybrid range among private customers thanks to its very affordable price and its extensive range of standard equipment. It is renewed with a new 16″ wheel design, and in terms of interior and safety, as in Business Plus, it will be equipped with the 9″ Toyota Smart Connect multimedia system and two USB-C sockets, in addition to being updated to the latest version of Toyota Safety Sense.

The Style finish is distinguished by having a touch of exclusive design, with a new 17” wheel design, much less polarizing than the one fitted to the previous version. Regarding the interior equipment, we find quite a few new features at the level of technological equipment. The analog dashboard with 4.2” TFT screen is updated with the fully digital 12.3” dashboard. The 8” Toyota Touch multimedia system is updated with the Toyota Smart Connect multimedia system and 10.5” multimedia screen, which includes premium navigation with maps included and cloud updates (OTA). Additionally, it includes a wireless smartphone charger. At the safety level, and as in the rest of the hybrid range, it is updated to the latest version of Toyota Safety Sense.

The Style finish continues to maintain standard LED headlights, darkened rear windows, partial leather upholstery with lumbar adjustment, electrically folding exterior mirrors and dual-zone climate control among other equipment.

Yaris GR SPORT, the sports version is also renewed with many improvements in terms of engine, technological equipment and safety. Yaris GR SPORT will equip the 130H engine as standard, as part of the standardization plan for this engine across the entire Yaris GR SPORT range. As for the exterior, Yaris GR SPORT will maintain the 18” sports wheels, GR SPORT front grille and rear diffuser, LED headlights and taillights, darkened rear windows and two-tone bodywork that we had available in its MY22 version namesake. Regarding the interior equipment, and as in the Style finish, the 4.2” TFT dashboard is renewed with the 12.3” digital dashboard and the multimedia system is updated to Toyota Smart Connect. 10.5” with premium navigation and integrated maps, plus cloud updates (OTA). Another great novelty is the update of the GR SPORT alcantara upholstery with lumbar adjustment, compared to the GR SPORT fabric upholstery that we had in the previous version. Finally, the interior decoration of the GR SPORT versions of Toyota Yaris 2024 will equip an additional branding pack consisting of a GR key protector, GR trunk mat, GR SPORT mat set and GR SPORT door steps.

The GR SPORT finish continues to include as standard the suspension tuning – specific to GR SPORT -, the keyless entry and start system (SME), two-zone climate control, rain sensor and interior personalization with GR SPORT anagrams. At the safety level, and as in the rest of the hybrid range, it is updated to the latest version of Toyota Safety Sense.

The sportiest finish of the 2024 Yaris range, GR SPORT Plus, is also renewed with great improvements both in terms of engine and technological equipment such as the GR SPORT finish. It will be equipped with the 130H engine as standard, and will maintain the 18” sports wheels, rear diffuser, LED front and rear lights, darkened rear windows and two-tone bodywork that we had available in its namesake from the previous version. Regarding the interior, as in the GR SPORT finish, the binocular control panel is updated with the fully digital 12.3″ control panel, the 9″ Toyota Smart Connect multimedia system is updated with the most updated multimedia to date, Toyota Smart Connect+ with 10.5” screen and premium navigation with integrated maps, plus cloud updates (OTA).

The GR SPORT alcantara seats with lumbar adjustment are maintained, in addition to the different “GR” emblems that equip the GR SPORT finishes, the dual-zone climate control and keyless entry and start system (SME). Additionally, it will be equipped with two USB-C sockets in the front seats, a wireless smartphone charger, and the digital key system. In terms of safety, GR SPORT Plus will also be updated to the latest version of Toyota Safety Sense. Additionally, it will be equipped as standard with a blind spot detector (BSM) and front and rear parking sensors with automatic braking (PKSB).

The launch version of the Yaris MC’24 range, Premiere Edition, will have the highest level of equipment, as well as exclusive customization, only available in this finish. On the exterior level, Premiere Edition will be equipped with 17” wheels exclusive to this finish, LED front and rear headlights and darkened rear windows. This finish will be available in two bi-tone colors: Neptune Blue Bi-tone (Premiere Edition Exclusive) and Pearl White Bi-tone. As for the interior of the vehicle, it will equip the latest multimedia innovations such as a 12.3” digital dashboard, 10.5” Toyota Smart Connect+ with premium navigation, integrated maps and cloud updates (OTA).

The upholstery is partial leather with Neptune Blue stitching and lumbar adjustment. It will equip decorative elements in Neptune Blue on the dashboard and door trim, consistent with the launch exterior color for Yaris 2024. Additionally, it equips Head-Up Display, wireless smartphone charger, digital key system, dual-zone climate control and entry system and keyless start (SME). In terms of safety, it will be equipped with a blind spot detector (BSM) and front and rear parking sensors with automatic braking (PKSB).

The Official Network of Toyota Spain Dealers now accepts orders for the full range of the new Yaris 2024, with prices starting at €22,400 —Active Plus finish— ( all prices ), or for only €150/month with Toyota Easy Plus , the financing and added services program that includes 4 years of warranty and 4 years of maintenance.

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