From October 7 to 10, more than 8,700 people visited the Škoda Let’s Explore experience, open to the public during the last International Caravaning Show held at La Fira de Barcelona. This experience materialized the brand’s own values, as well as its goal of satisfying customer needs and building cars that adapt to the desires of everyone who uses them.

Let’s Explore has been a unique interactive and sensory experience that, through different elements, has challenged and inspired the senses of visitors, allowing them to participate in the brand’s campaign “Make every kilometer count”. All elements in this space were activated by an RFID chip given at the entrance to the space and which allowed participation in all activities. With each interaction, valuable kilometers were added to a collective score of all visitors that reached a total of 2.7 million kilometers.

During these days, different Škoda experts were also available to discuss various topics, such as the future of Škoda’s customer journey, changes in the uses of automobiles or even the future design of the vehicles in the range:

  • Eric Boutin, Customer Experience Manager at Škoda Auto, spoke about the customer experience of tomorrow at Škoda and the digital services integrated into the infotainment system.
  • Karl Neuhold, director of exterior design at Škoda Auto, detailed the new design language of the brand’s vehicles.

In this Škoda space, visitors were able to see the Škoda Vision 7S electric prototype, which precisely embodies this new design language with clear and inspiring lines; and the Enyaq Coupé Respectline, which reflects the policy of inclusion and promotion of diversity at Škoda.

During these days, activities such as:

  • “Don’t waste your waist”, recycling presentation and educational entertainment space of the Prescious Plastic community taught by Adrián Coira and presented by Marta Canga.
  • Talks on the brand’s design approach aimed at design students and given by Eric Boutin and Karl Neuhold.
  • Precious Plastic Sustainability Sphere to interactively experience how to make new creations from recycled plastic with the help of an artist and plastic expert.
  • Vertical Crop Bar and Smoothie Bikes.

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