Motos Bordoy began its journey in 1971 in Barcelona. At the helm of this fledgling business was one of the best-known names on the national motorcycling scene, Jaime Bordoy, a passionate rider with several Spanish championships under his belt and a lover of two wheels with an exceptional business vision.

Since then Jaime Bordoy has led the growth of Motos Borody with a lot of work, an unconditional passion for motorcycles and, above all, excellent customer service. All this, together with an unparalleled entrepreneurial spirit, has been the key to the evolution of Motos Borody. An evolution that has gone parallel to that of the motorcycle industry itself in Spain and that has turned Motos Borody into a solid and dynamic business group that today is a very important player in the motorcycle market in Spain.

Jaime Bordoy’s has been a love story with the motorcycle to which the “Boss” – as he was always affectionately called in his Team – remained faithful for a lifetime and to which only another much bigger one could surpass: the love story with someone who was his accomplice, his support, his soulmate, his Paquita. Together for a lifetime Jaime Bordoy often repeated that without Paquita nothing would have been possible.

The founder of Motos Borody leaves a very important legacy: in business, in sports and above all in human matters. Twice champion of Spain and many times runner-up, Jaime Bordoy has been a lover of two wheels who has managed to turn a passion into his profession and business. Endearing, always accessible and a good conversationalist, he never denied a good time to anyone who came up to greet him. Jaime Bordoy was convinced that behind every motorcycle there is a story, a dream and an adventure waiting to be lived.

This is the ethos that his two sons, Albert and Jordi, have inherited, today at the head of Motos Borody and continuers of the same line of motorcycling passion, friendly treatment and respect for the customer that their father instilled in them.

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