MG continues its unstoppable path of growth in Spain, conquering new milestones and gaining weight in our market. The MG ZS has become the absolute protagonist of the Spanish market; and the MG4 is the public’s favorite among electric cars.

Last August, the ZS became the best-selling car in Spain, being the first time that an MG model topped the absolute sales ranking in our country. The ZS has repeated its absolute leadership in September and already has 12,391 units in the first nine months of the year. The MG bestseller is close to being in the top 10 of the best-selling models in Spain.  

The MG4 also boasts great form in 2023. With 198 units, it has placed itself in fourth absolute position in the ranking of electric car sales in September. The MG4 maintains the absolute third position in the cumulative sales ranking for the year, with 2,347 units and a 7.04% market share, increasing its difference as the best-selling electric model in the country among general brands.

The fastest growing brand and new market share record

With these data, and the contribution of the rest of the brand’s model range, MG has once again broken, for the umpteenth time, its market share record, which in September reached 4.44%. MG sold 3,053 units in September in Spain, 566% more than in the same month last year. In the first nine months of the year, MG added 20,166 units, 443% more than in the same period of 2022.

The brand continues to show enormous strength in the private channel, where MG reaches a historic third place, only surpassed by Toyota and Kia; with a market share in this channel that amounts to 8.01%. These figures show that MG is one of the public’s favorites due to the variety of its model range, complete range of propulsion systems, affordable prices and cutting-edge technology. The Spanish private customer also trusts MG for its extensive service network (with nearly 100 comprehensive points that cover the entire national territory) and the determined support it shows to its customers, with a top-quality after-sales service and promotions that serve to your real needs.

For Pedro García, vice president and general director of MG Spain, “These figures are a reflection of MG’s brand proposal, its excellent range of models; and the intense work we have done in Spain in all aspects surrounding this sensational product, to support our customers and offer them the best service. We are very proud that one of our models is the protagonist of the market and has been leading sales in Spain for two months; and that the MG4 is the electric vehicle that has truly reached the general public. Both are the representation of the spirit of MG, which has taken the side of the users and has managed to democratize quality, technology, electrification and customer service. With these solid foundations, we hope to continue providing good news and bringing premium and electrified mobility to more Spanish homes .”  

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