Toyota Spain participates one more year in World Clean Up Day — World Clean Up Day — with the organization of waste collection in one of the natural spaces of the Community of Madrid, the Caserío de Henares Environmental Education Center (San Fernando de Henares). Thus, employees and collaborators carried out a volunteer action that combines an environmental action with coexistence with functional diversity, accompanying 30 users with intellectual disabilities of the Randstad Foundation.

To carry out this volunteer action, together with Toyota employees and collaborators, the Randstad Foundation has collaborated, who have been working for more than 19 years for equal opportunities in employment, with the aim of achieving real integration of all people with disabilities. This event has been able to be carried out thanks to a collaboration agreement that was already signed by Toyota years ago with the Randstad Foundation, to promote their social integration, making them actively participate in this action.

World Clean Up Day 2023 – World Cleanup Day

World Cleanup Day is an annual event in which volunteers and partners from around the world come together to remove trash from our planet and clean up abandoned waste on beaches, rivers, forests and streets. This day created in 2018 has already united more than 70 million people around the world, where volunteers and global partners come together to rid our planet of litter by cleaning trash from our beaches, rivers, forests, and streets.

Toyota 2050 Environmental Challenge

Toyota continually works on initiatives that promote the sustainable development of society, thus promoting the achievement of its Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050 , six ambitious global challenges to be achieved in the next 30 years and in line with the Objectives of Sustainable Development (SDG) of the United Nations, with which to reduce the impact of Toyota’s activities on the planet and thus build a future society in harmony with nature. 

Within the framework of Challenge 6, which consists of building a future society in harmony with nature, Toyota wanted to join this waste collection day with a double objective: to clean the garbage accumulated in that natural space and to involve society in build a responsible world with the environment and nature. 

During the volunteer action, the following activities have been carried out:

1.Waste collection: the participants learned about the problem of waste in general and “garbage”, especially with a collection of waste and/or microwaste present in the area in a differentiated and classified way. 

2.Dynamics of environmental awareness on waste collection: participatory dynamics that served to increase knowledge and awareness about the current climate situation.

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