Paris upside down.” When the ground becomes the sky and the sky becomes the ground, the DS 4 drives on a carpet of clouds and is suspended in the middle of a Paris never seen before… In this inverted world, with its dream environment made up of hot air balloons, fireworks and iconic monuments where you can explore Paris from the sky, DS 4 shows off its incredible comfort and bold design. Consequently, it highlights its differentiating qualities: the comfort of its camera-controlled suspension, its soundproofing, the refinement of its materials, as well as the most advanced technologies in the car, such as night vision.

Cheek to Cheek liner notes accompany this clever broomstick. Composed in 1935 by Irving Berlin, the song was first performed by Fred Astaire, a dancer at the peak of his career, and Ginger Rogers in Top Hat, before being popularized worldwide by Louis Armstrong/She Fitzgerald. The arrangement for DS 4 is by Flavio Ibba and Paolo Fedreghini, with the aim of combining this sweet melody with the world of silence.

“With ‘Travel in French class’, DS Automobiles shows its expertise in terms of comfort and refinement, which are distinctive attributes of the DS 4. This poetic new film, in which DS 4 cruises through Paris at night, illustrates these differentiating qualities. An opportunity to wake up and discover new perspectives on the definition of comfort.”
Olivier François, CEO of DS Automobiles

Travel remains the main theme of DS 4. Focused on comfort, “Upgrade to French class” is the second advertising spot dedicated to the compact hatchback from DS Automobiles, following the “When technology dreams of traveling” campaign launched in 2021.

“Upgrade to French class” also features the brand’s new signature. Following “Spirit of Avant-Garde”, which has existed since 2014, “Travel is an art” now accompanies the DS Automobiles logo. This new brand presents travel as a way of life and a form of artistic expression. Revealing travel at its most creative, imaginative and curious, it also aims to be cultural and inspiring.

Acclaimed by the press and crowned with numerous awards, including the award for the most beautiful car of the year at the 2022 International Automobile Festival, the DS 4 is the best-selling premium compact hatchback in France in 2023.

The film “Upgrade to French class” has been broadcast in Spain since October 22 and can be seen on YouTube:

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