The new OMODA automobile brand, which debuted worldwide last April, is now ready to establish itself in Spain. With its own structure and permanent headquarters in this country, its Country Manager is Darren Tu, who will be supported by an important human team.

With extensive experience in the automotive world, Darren Tu assumes the responsibility of leading the brand’s landing in Spain, its first European market. To do this, he will have a human team that will cover all the positions necessary for each business unit. The objective is to offer in the Spanish market (which will be followed by other neighboring countries such as Italy, Poland, Germany and France) modern and attractive automobiles, “vehicles that shine for the beauty of their design, for the high quality of their manufacturing and in “the materials used and its high technological content. All under the concept ‘Art in motion’ and especially thinking about younger clients ,” explains Darren Tu.

Unlike some of its competitors, OMODA vehicles will not be marketed in Spain through private importers. OMODA Spain will have its own structure that plans to reach 31 dealers by the end of 2023, and progressively expand to a total of 80 official dealers and after-sales points, covering the entire country. 

As part of OMODA’s philosophy of going “step by step”, these dealerships will have a mission that will go far beyond selling cars, with a new ‘showroom’ concept that will allow customers to discover OMODA under a new user experience. .

The OMODA 5 is the first model that will be sold in the Spanish market, in the last quarter of 2023. An attractive C-SUV powered by an efficient gasoline engine and equipped with the most advanced technology in comfort equipment, connectivity, multimedia and security.

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