Top ten rides for Tru7 Honda Racing Academy squad

The brand new Monster Mountain track in south Wales suited the Tru7 Honda Racing Academy squad of MX2 rider Charlie Heyman and Callum Green in MX1 on Sunday with both riders inside the top ten in their classes in round two of the MX Nationals championship.

Green had an impressive day as he took ninth overall in the MX1 class, continuing his return to top-level racing after several seasons of injury. And 17-year-old Charlie Heyman was a fine fifth overall in the MX2 class on his Honda CRF250R, battling with the top men in the series. The pro races are combined MX2 and MX1 motos but the classes are scored separately. So any MX2 rider is going to struggle against the more powerful bikes on the fast circuit, and especially off the start.

Heyman, who only moved up to the adult 250 class this year, was a promising seventh in qualifying but the best was yet to come in both races. Struggling off the gate against a field of 450s, he came round at the end of the first lap in 21st position overall but that was seventh MX2 bike. He then made passes as he moved up the field and crossed the line 16th but that was fifth in his class. He had been fourth until he lost a place to Charlie Cole on the penultimate lap. Cole went on to win the MX2 class overall.

In the second race Heyman had a better start and was 15th overall,  right behind his MX1 team-mate Callum Green. But that was fourth in the MX2 class, and Heyman battled hard as he made his bid for third place. Eventually he lost a place to Joe Brooks and finished fifth, less than three seconds off third place. But Heyman did beat established riders like race one winner Carlton Husband. Heyman’s pair of fifth places was good enough for fifth overall and after a disappointing opening round in the mud of Oakhanger, he’s now eighth in the series.

Heyman said: “I’m happy with my results today especially on that track which was a great new layout but was savage – very rough and technical. I had no crashes or major mistakes and the bike was just perfect. And of course the team were great, as always.”

In the MX1 class, Callum Green had his standout ride of the season so far as he finished ninth overall with 11th and tenth place rides. Those rides means he’s now 11th in the championship, on the same points as the rider in tenth.

The opening moto saw Green 12th on the first lap, and he quickly got to grips with the tough circuit as he battled with established riders such as Stuart Edmonds. Green was right in the mix with the leaders of the MX2 class and held his own as he brought the Honda CRF450R home for 11th in the class.

In race two, Green had another decent start in 14th overall but 11th in his class, and held his own during the moto as the track got rougher and more technical. He couldn’t keep John Adamson at bay but made passes as he moved forward into tenth place for ninth overall on the day.

A delighted Green said: “That was a really good day for me as 11th and tenth for ninth overall is a positive step in the right direction. A year ago I was laid up in bed with a bad knee and now I’m in the top ten with good lap times and pace.

“So I’m very happy, the team were superb as always and it was a very good day for me.”

MX Nationals championship round two, MX2 overall:
1 Charlie Cole 43
2 Jamie Wainwright 42
3 Glen McCormick 42
4 Carlton Husband 40
5 Charlie Heyman Tru7 Honda Racing Academy 32
6 Joe Brooks 31
7 Calum Mitchell 29
8 Bailey Johnson 24
9 Ben Franklin 24
10 Lewis Hall 24

Championship points after two rounds:
1 Jamie Wainwright 75
2 Bailey Johnson 74
3 Calum Mitchell 74
4 Charlie Cole 70
5 Carlton Husband 69
6 Ben Franklin 53
7 Joe Brooks 52
8 Charlie Heyman Tru7 Honda Racing Academy 50
9 Glen McCormick 42
10 Josh Taylor 40

1 Josh Gilbert Crendon Fastrack Honda 47
2 Conrad Mewse Crendon Fastrack Honda 47
2 Harri Kullas 40
4 Ivo Monticelli 36
5 Tom Grimshaw 31
6 Jamie Carpenter 28
7 John Adamson 28
8 Dan Thornhill 23
9 Callum Green Tru7 Honda Racing Academy 21
10 Stuart Edmonds 21

Championship points after two rounds:
1 Conrad Mewse Crendon Fastrack Honda 97
2 Josh Gilbert Crendon Fastrack Honda 87
3 Harri Kullas 84
4 Tom Grimshaw 62
5 John Adamson 61
6 Dan Thornhill 46
7 Charlie Putnam 43
8 Stuart Edmonds 42
9 Jamie Carpenter 40
10 Ivo Monticelli 36
11 Callum Green Tru7 Honda Racing Academy 36

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